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Christina - 11.06.2017

First and foremost, the rest of chapter 4 of Fox Sister (which is the last chapter) has been written. So, hooray! Jayd has the script, and it's going to be 38 pages in total. I've told her to take her time doing it (lord knows I've been taking my time) so it'll be a while before she has the rest of it done, but she's working on it so it's coming!

There will be an epilogue I write this winter (it'll only be a few pages) that my friend Emily Warren will be drawing. We's talented as hell and we've worked together in the past so I'm excited for that, it's going to be gorgeous.

Also, I just saw the boards and noticed that a few people have been wondering what's up with me. So I thought I'd let you know! After grad school, I ended up getting staffed as a TV writer on the Syfy show The Magicians. So I've been working on that since season 2 (we're almost done with season 3) as my day job. And I've also been writing a monthly comic for Marvel called Generation X. ALSO, I just adopted a toddler this year, so... It's been pretty crazy. Sorry I've been so MIA for so long-- every time I thought I'd get a break, life threw me an unexpected (but fantastic) curve ball.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your patience, it's been one hell of a trip!

Christina Strain

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